S.T.R.S is a company founded in 2014 by Sotiris De Wit in Rotterdam after graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven.

S.T.R.S produces products, prototypes and small series for designers, architects, retailers, etc.


Today, S.T.R.S has grown into a company with clients such as Sabine Marcelis, Studio WM, and Studio Wonmin Park commissioned by worldwide know companies like Céline, Hermes or Carpenters Workshop Gallery.


S.T.R.S  is specialized in processing and manufacturing plastic molds and products. They concentrate their effort in achieving and handing in highly qualitative finished products.


S.T.R.S is located in Rotterdam's harbour area next to the science towers. The workshop is a 400M² location, a large space to handle small to large projects.


Galileistraat 15

3029 AL Rotterdam (NL)



(+31) 010 333 1908

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